A good majority of men would prefer to have a decent sex life but some things like smoking and drinking can affect their health negatively. Doctors are interested to know what causes men to have an erectile dysfunction. Viagra is seen as a good solution for these common sexual problems.

This one cause of an unhappy sex life is of great interest to men and doctors alike. Generally, men don't like to discuss these embarrassing problems with their doctors. Some men feel that this dysfunction is a masculinity issue. Erectile dysfunction is a worldwide problem but out of the 30 million men with this problem, only 10% actually look for medical help. The rest of these men choose to deal with it.

When talking about this problem, there are a wide number of things to consider. When treating it, you need to look at the person's marital status, lifestyle, and environment.

For men that want to have a long-lasting erection and a longer sexual event with their partner, Viagra would seem to be a solution. The main job of Viagra is increasing blood flow to the penis which results in a better erection.

The penis is naturally lacking a specific enzyme that it needs to increase this blood flow for producing longer erections. When that enzyme is present in the penis, men will not need Viagra at all.

Just like all drugs, Viagra has side effects as well. Every drug taken is absorbed by their veins and flows through the body. For example, when someone takes an antibiotic for a lengthy amount of time it can affect the kidneys and liver.

Some of the most reported side effects of Viagra are:
  • • Headaches
  • • Retinal perceptions of color affected. Because of this, it is not recommended for long- term use for men who drive or operate machinery professionally.
  • • Heart attacks
  • • Increased blood flow to the brain.

Before taking any medication, you should first talk to your doctor if you are concerned with how your body could react to this drug.